Professional Home and Business Computer Security Services

Basic Security Tune Up Service

CRO Canada’s Security Solutions provides a comprehensive set of professional security services for their clients. CRO’s security services help our clients decrease risk by assessing the vulnerability of a PC, or an entire home network for that matter. We implement the latest security strategies, and product level resolutions.

Our basic “Security Tune-up” service starts with a complete cleanup of the operating system on your PC, removing unwanted malware, viruses and tracking software. The system is then subjected to a vigorous update of all the latest drivers and software programs. We then install a suite of utilities designed to keep your computer virus and malware free.

Lastly, we clean up the entire PC inside and out. All fans and heat sinks are removed and cleaned spotlessly. All dust and grime is removed and the inside of the PC cleaned thoroughly.

In this manner your PC will no longer be overheating, sluggish, outdated and vulnerable to attacks from malicious hackers.

Home and Business Network Vulnerability Service

Information security is increasing in importance exponentially. However; not all business organizations have the funds available to employ a CSO (chief security officer) or experts in the field of security. CRO Canada’s knowledgeable security experts have had a bead on security since 1998. The advantage of this is we can provide your business with a virtual CSO; a person who will bridge this gap and keep a watchful eye on your network.

Partnering for Success

CRO Canada provides accessible solutions to fit small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Let CRO Canada free you from the heavy, time consuming weight of security problem overload.

Your Computer is Spying on you and you Don’t Know it?

It’s not a matter of if - it’s a matter of when. The danger from security breaches is increasing on a day-to-day basis. Savvy cyber-criminals are progressively hacking their way into computers in companies of all sizes. A new breed of hackers can now find Hacking solutions and all kinds of kits on the Internet with a quick Google search. The hacking into corporate networks is a very lucrative profession and the tools are available to all sorts of criminals. The protection of your company from advanced, internal employee data loss, real-time malware, and man-in-the-middle hacks is taking a lot more expertise to control.

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