CRO Canada Audio & Video Production

Whether you’re working on a radio ad promotion, or an in-house business training film, high-quality voice-over talent is critical if you want to grab and hold your audience’s attention. CRO Canada works with some of the industry’s finest voice-over artists and we can find the perfect fit for your project. We use state-of-the-art recording gear to capture the cleanest sound possible.

Video is taking over the world of the Internet. Including video into your promotional strategies is no longer a choice – it’s critical! If your business is considering any type of television ads, or any event coverage, YouTube promotional videos, in-house training videos or conference videos – CRO Canada is your number one stop for all your audio and video production requirements.

Today’s hi-tech video is altering the face of how businesses market today’s products and services. CRO Canada’s Video Production Department is at the forefront of this evolution. CRO utilizes marketing know-how and creative visualization to produce mesmerizing videos that captivate and engage at an incredible quality and price mark. CRO Canada crafts from and expresses to the heart, where a professionally produced video’s message can take hold and inspire. Centered in the heart of London, Ontario Canada, we love nothing better than linking and connecting with individuals who require professional video services, to tell their story and inspire their audience.

Corporate Business Video Marketing

CRO Canada specializes in state-of-the-art digital commercial videos that endorse your corporation across a range of online platforms, including YouTube Videos, Vimeo videos, website videos, Inkman videos, whiteboard videos, and much more. Let’s face it, online video is where it’s at.

You do not get a second chance at a first impression. That is why it is imperative to capture your clients’ attention with captivating video content within seconds of visiting your website. Our team will work with you to focus on the finest your business has to offer. By utilizing custom graphics, riveting action shots, 3-D motion visuals, one-on-one interviews, and much more, CRO Canada will show the world exactly what your company is all about.

Corporate Training Videos

First-class videos are indispensable for sustaining brand image integrity and communicating your firm’s mission to workforce personnel. CRO Canada will work with you and your staff to develop and produce top-notch training and compliance presentations.

Music Videos

There are many musicians working on the CRO Canada team, and Music videos get a ton of attention around here. Sites like YouTube make it conceivable for your music to spread exponentially to millions of new admirers worldwide. Music videos are the most effective way to connect with existing devotees, promote appearances and point the spotlight on new releases!

Inkman, Whiteboard Motion Graphic Videos

CRO Canada is certain motion graphics is the future of video marketing. Our client’s Inkman videos when posted on YouTube have amassed an incredible amount of views. The same goes for other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. A high-quality motion graphics video quickly grabs the viewer’s attention, delivering your video message to the masses.

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